Special Events

Special Events at AnnyTalk Kids are fun for the whole family. Kids get to learn and practice their English in an informal way. Parents can learn more about AnnyTalk Kids and how to help their children improve their English.
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Anny’s Startup

Anny’s Startup courses are specially designed for our kindergarten kids who are just starting to speak English. We use a “Think – Explore – Create – Learn” approach that helps kids improve their English in a fun and natural way.

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Anny’s Confident Speaking

Our Anny’s Confident Speaking course use engaging stories to encourage beginning learners to speak English. Children work on fun activities together and learn English in a natural way through things they’re interested in.
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Anny’s Confident Conversations

Our Anny’s Confident Conversation courses are for our more advanced kids. We teach English with a focus on 21st century skills such as interpersonal skills and cultural awareness, which leads to more mature communication.

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Anny’s Phonics

The Anny’s Phonics course is for our beginners, who are just starting to learn English. We help them learn the English alphabet and sound system in a way that is fun and playful. This creates the foundation for future success.

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Anny’s English Through Math & Science

Children need to improve their academic skills in the areas of math and science. So we use our content-based curriculum to teach English these academic skills. Kids improve math, science, and English at the same time.

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Anny’s CEFR Test Prep

Some of our more advanced kids need to prepare for standardized English tests. Our test prep materials are calibrated to the international-standard CEFR levels, and our coaches are experts at helping kids succeed.

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Anny’s Confident Presentation Skills

Speaking English in private is important. But some kids also need the confidence to speak English in public. We help kids develop that confidence with real presentation skills training and public speaking opportunities.

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