Introducing AnnyTalk Kids’ Highly Effective C3 Approach:
Customized, Communication, Coaching

“Traditional English classes in Thailand do not tend to be very effective in helping children learn how to communicate in English. Class sizes are large. Children do grammar drills but have few opportunities to really communicate. At AnnyTalk Kids, we use our own C3 approach with class sizes of only 4-5 kids to to ensure that each child receives the attention they need. This leads to better English communication skills in a much shorter period of time.”

Nathan Crandall
Director of Education, AnnyTalk Kids


We know from experience that there is no “one-size-fits-all” training when it comes to helping children become fluent in English. That’s why all our classes are customized to meet the needs of each student in the class.


English education is useless unless it leads to the ability to communicate effectively. That’s why AnnyTalk Kids classes focus on real communication. Children don’t learn about English; they learn how to communicate effectively in English.


AnnyTalk Kids teaches children through small group, collaborative learning experiences. The role of the coach is to create a fun, creative learning environment in which all children feel comfortable and confident in expressing themselves.

Thailand’s Most Modern English Academy

At AnnyTalk Kids, we use our C3 Approach to help children become conversational in English. Our goal is to provide every Thai child with the same opportunities that international school students have:

  • the opportunity to speak English fluently
  • the opportunity to study abroad
  • the opportunity to be a future successful professional
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