A Passion for Helping Children Achieve Their Potential

In 2012, Mattaneeya (“Anny”) Pummipat had a dream: She wanted to start an English education business to help Thai children speak English fluently.
Anny had been an international IT consultant and entrepreneur, and she knew from experience the value that being able to speak English has. She also knew that it’s easiest to learn to speak English well when you’re still a child. But Anny needed the right partner. She was already a successful entrepreneur, but just having a successful business was not enough. She wanted to create a successful English education business.

20+ Years of Experience in English Education

In 2015, Anny met Nathan Crandall. Nathan began his career as a teacher trainer, curriculum developer, and teacher at one of the most successful English schools for children in South Korea. He had a Master’s degree in English education. He had coached English in 5 countries. And he had relocated to Thailand with the goal of starting a successful English coaching business.
It was the perfect combination: Anny’s dream of helping Thai children speak English and Nathan’s experience of coaching English learners to English speaking success.

Thailand’s Most Modern English Academy

Anny and Nathan decided to partner and create the most modern English academy for children in Thailand. Their goal is to provide every Thai child with the same opportunities that international school students have:

  • the opportunity to speak English fluently
  • the opportunity to study abroad
  • the opportunity to be a future successful professional
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